2024-02-25: Lots of variety again, most of it older new stuff. Some great GI Joe carded Minimates. I'm not happy with the way the new packaging styles are displayed on the site, but I wanted to get this update out the door.
2022-11-26: Seeing all the new Minimates for got me to start cleaning out the backlog. Lots of 'new' stuff here like Transformers, G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, hexagonal and fifth-panel packaging. Now more than 3000 Minimates in the database.
2021-12-23: A batch of old and new (mostly old) Minimates and Vinimates.
2020-11-29: A good chunk of the Minimates and Vinimates released in 2020 along with a couple older releases.
2019-12-26: Small update to finish off the year.
2019-11-11: Small update with a handful of Vinimates and couple series of Walgreens Minimates.
2019-09-28: Sure can accumulate quite a back log in seven months. New site additions listed from oldest to newest.
2019-02-18: Big update with a big variety. Oldest to newest.
2018-09-03: More catch-up, the site is almost fully up-to-date apart from the Walgreens stuff that refuses to show up. 20 Minimates and 15 Vinimates included in this update.
2018-08-04: The SDCC break usually gives me some time to deal with all the new SDCC releases. This year there were only an exclusive Vinimate 2-pack, so this update has a lot of older releases. 27 Vinimates and 13 Minimates this time.
2018-03-18: Movie Minimate update with some TRU and Walgreens Exclusives.
2018-03-10: Another big update that fills some old holes.
2018-02-10: Vinimate update.
2017-11-25: Big update, here they are in roughly chronological order grouped by license: This update also includes a reorganization of the DC Vinimates. There are a lot more of those than I thought. I hope it is easier to use now.

2017-07-09: Assorted movie and TV Minimates:
2017-06-09: All Marvel update with six waves:
2017-06-02: Update includes Muppet Minimates and a variety of Vinimates:
2017-05-27: This update has the Marvel Now! Blind Packs, Aliens APCs (Specialty and TRU) and Alien Space Jockeys (Specialty and TRU).

2017-04-16: Update with Alice Through the Looking Glass, Specialty Minimates Wave, Hot Topic Blind Bag, and four Vinimates.

2017-04-01: April Fools Day batch of fake Masters of the Universe Minimates: Heroic Box Set, Evil Box Set, and the Toy Fair Exclusive Faker.

2017-02-03: Marvel Update:
2017-01-20: Box sets updated:
2017-01-11: Predator Update, Specialty Blind Bag 2, Specialty Series 3, and TRU Series 3.

2017-01-01: Posable heads update!
2016-12-31: Small update of Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates, Specialty Blind Bag 3, Hot Topic Blind Bag 2, and TRU Series 3.

2016-12-04: Small update with the Ghostbusters 2016 Reboot, Specialty and TRU.

2016-11-27: Small updates continue with Marvel:
2016-11-22: Alien and extras:
2016-11-13: Marvel & BTTF Update:
2016-11-02: TMNT Update:
2016-07-10: Update time:
2016-05-31: Big update:
2016-02-28: Almost caught up with this latest update:
2016-01-31: Almost-managable update:
2015-12-04: Managable update:
2015-11-15: Oversized update:
2015-07-24: Post-SDCC update:
2015-05-28: Managable update. Including most of Marvel Wave 60, the Dragon Age Box Set, and the Age of Ultron Blind Pack.

2015-05-21: Diversity in this update. It includes the last Pathfinder Goblin promo, Alien Series 1, TMNT Blind Series 2, and Marvel Wave 61 (AoU).

2015-05-03: Large update that puts the total count over 2000 Minimates:
2015-01-22: Update with five box sets: Pulp Fiction Diner Showdown, Marvel Villain Zombies 2, Pathfinder, Alien, and the Marvel X-Force.

2015-01-03: Small update for the new year:
2014-12-07: Probably the largest update since the site's inception. Including almost 100 figs and 40 packs. Here's the nitty gritty in a chronological fashion:
Also added new code to deal with the blind packs and their accessories. Plus changes to the character and figure pages to deal with the upcoming "extra parts to make..." in Marvel Wave 60.

2014-08-29: This all-movie MMDB Update contains: Marvel Wave 56 - Amazing Spider-Man 2, Kill Bill Box Sets House of Blue Leaves and Crazy 88 Gang, Pulp Fiction Jules & Vincent two pack and the Buddy Christ & Mooby set from the View Askew movies.

2014-08-02: Annual Post-SDCC Update:
2014-06-15: Filling in the holes with Walking Dead Wave 5 and the Amazing Spider-Man 2 TRU Wave.

2014-05-02: Another diverse update:
2014-02-02: Latest update includes Marvel TRU Wave 18 and the Tomb Raider TRU Wave.

2014-01-23: Diverse, thunder-full, update:
2013-12-08: An update with three box sets Thief of Thieves, Marvel Villain Zombies, and Age of Ultron.

2013-11-26: This update includes the Star Trek "The Cage" Enterprise, Marvel TRU Wave 17, and the Invincible Box Set. Thief of Thieves coming soon

2013-11-17: Micro update with the TRU Wolverine movie wave. Unlike the specialty wave, this just hit stores recently.

2013-11-07: Small update with only Marvel 52, The Wolverine movie wave. It's been out for a while, but somehow escaped my attention.

2013-10-13: Big update:
2013-07-28: Annual Post-SDCC Update:
2013-07-02: Update time with Walking Dead Wave 3, Star Trek Legacy TRU and Specialty, and the Hulk Through The Ages Set.

2013-06-12: A diverse update with:
2013-03-13: Added Marvel Wave 48, Marvel TRU 15, and the full line of Disney's Peter Pan.

2013-02-22: This update contains four waves:
2013-01-20: The rare mid-sized update returns. It contains The Walking Dead Series 2 at Specialty and TRU, Street Fighter X Tekken Wave 2 (TRU), the Amazon TWD Box Set, Munsters B/W Koach, Venom Through the Ages, and the second A vs. X Box Set.

2012-12-03: Another delay means another mega update:
2012-08-28: Super-sized update:
A couple more sets have come out since I started this update (Worthy/Mighty, Mummy/Hunchback). Hopefully their update will be sooner rather than later.

2012-05-19: Regular updates continue with Halo Series 4 at TRU and the two Disney exclusive Avengers Box Sets.

2012-05-11: Finished off the last of the Avengers movie Minimates with the Toys'R'Us Wave

2012-05-09: Update includes: Halo Box Set 4, Marvel Wave 44, Marvel Wave 45, and the two versions of the Vorin Battle Beast (Red and Gray) from C2E2.

2012-04-02: Jumbo update with four waves: Marvel Wave 43 (Jean DeWolff), Marvel "Best Of" Wave, and Marvel vs Capcom Wave 2 in Specialty and TRU.

2012-01-29: First update of the new year is a fill-in update: Marvel Age of X Box Set, RGB Spectral Ghostbusters Box Set, Femme Fatales 2 Box Set, Super Pursuit KITT, KARR, and The Pirate Ship Vendetta.

2011-12-29: Added Marvel Toys R Us Wave 12 and the fresh-off-the-truck Marvel vs. Capcom Wave 1 (Specialty) .

2011-12-04: Added Marvel Wave 42.

2011-11-27: This update has a little bit of everything: the NYCC Zombie and Firefighter sets, Marvel Heralds of Galactus Box Set, Femme Fatales Box Set, MAX Blue Stealth Jet, BTTF Phasing Delorean, Glow in the Dark Pirate Ship and the second Real Ghostbusters Box Set.

2011-11-11: Another small update with the Deadpool Corps Box Set and the Marvel Vs. Capcom TRU Wave.

2011-10-16: Small update with the Frankenstein Box Set, the Dracula Box Set, and the Curse of the Mutants Box Set. Also added picks for the two new Halo Vehicle Three-Packs (Warthog & Gauss Hog). No new Minimates in those sets though.

2011-10-07: Added X-Men First Class Box Set, the second series of Real Ghostbusters from TRU and the second Collector's Case (pirate based).

2011-09-18: Substantial update with the shared Marvel Wave 41 and Marvel TRU Wave 11, the second wave of MAX Elite Heroes, and the Frankenstein/Dracula wave of Universal Monsters.

2011-08-20: Small update with the new TRU Vehicle Wave, BTTF Hover Time Machine, MAX Translucent Black Jet, and the Calico Jack Pirate Ship.

2011-08-13: All Halo update with TRU Series 3 and the Series 3 Box Set.

2011-07-29: Enlarged post-SDCC update: Pirate Raiders Promos, MAX Promos, Alice, FF, Stormbreaker, basic Marvel vs. Capcom set, and the TRU exclusive. Also filled in a bunch of old holes, Rocket Warthog, Arctic Warthog, RGB Box Set, MAX Box Set, and the GB Ghosts Repack Box Set.

2011-06-26: This update includes the last of the Captain America Movie Minimates, Wave 40, the newly released Real Ghostbusters Minimates from TRU and neglected Heroes and Adversaries Box Set.

2011-06-12: Large update with the latest TRU releases: X-Men First Class, Playstation and Calico Jack's Pirate Raiders. Also got the Captain America Army Builders plugged in.

2011-05-29: Small update with the new Captain America: First Avenger Minimates from TRU.

2011-05-19: Updated to add the second Halo Box Set, and the second Wave of Halo TRU Packs. And finally the tenth Marvel TRU Wave.

2011-04-09: Monster update to clear out the back log. There are two new box sets, Back to the Future 25th and Marvel's Excalibur. Also added Marvel Wave 38 and a bunch of Thor stuff: Marvel Wave 39, the Army Builder singles, and the Toys R Us Wave.

2011-02-20: A simple update with the Uncanny X-Force Box Set and the Collector's Case with another Battle Beast gator.

2011-01-16: This weekend's update is primarily Halo, with the Dirty Warthog, and the army builder Counter Dump series. Also added the Marvel Wave 37 variant pack Trenchcoat Thing/Doombot that I missed last week.

2011-01-09: Got around to adding the first Halo box set, Marvel Wave 37 (sans variant), Marvel TRU Wave 9. Also added completed the cross-referencing/tagging system. It's not complete, it'll probably never be complete, but hopefully it'll help people find a particular Minimate.

2010-12-19: Another weekend, another update. Added a pair of Heroic Age Box Sets, Classic and Modern.

2010-12-12: Halo finally hit near me, added the TRU series and the TRU Warthog.

2010-12-05: Even though TRU.com screwed up my order and my local stores decided not to carry the Captain America Through The Ages Box Set, I was finally able to procure one and get it on the site.

2010-11-07: Big update for a single series, M.A.X. Elite Heroes Two Packs from TRU. Around 200 new images for a mere six packages.

2010-11-02: Box Set Update with New Mutants, Age of Apocalypse 1, Age of Apocalypse 2, Creature From the Black Lagoon, and The Wolf Man.

2010-10-02: Updated the search function. It uses more data to hopefully rank the results better. Also added some icons to make it easier to determine the kind of result. No filtering yet.

2010-10-01: Mini update with the new vehicles, BTTF Time Machine (Frosted), Terminator Battle Damaged Hunter-Killer and Red M.A.X Stealth Jet.

2010-09-28: Big TRU update with the first Universal Monsters Minimates, Wave 8 of Marvel, and another Series of the "Best Of" Ghostbusters.

2010-08-20: New Minimate Vehicles added, BTTF Time Machine, Terminator Hunter-Killer and M.A.X Stealth Jet.

2010-07-30: Post SDCC update with Ghostbusters logo promo, Slime Blower and Ready to Believe Box Sets. Marvel Box Sets of 90s X-Men and X-Force. Also a new Battle Beast, Translucent Blank and the first M.A.X. figure.

2010-07-13: Added second wave of Iron Man 2 Minimates at TRU and the fourth wave of Ghostbusters also from TRU.

2010-07-06: Added Marvel Wave 36 and Marvel Wave 7 from TRU.

2010-06-04: Even smaller update with the third Ghostbusters Box Set.

2010-05-30: Small Iron Man 2 Update with Wave 35, the rest of the Borders Wave, the Stark Expo Set, and the Battle Tactics Box Set. Also added the C2E2 Battle Beast promo.

2010-04-19: Big Iron Man 2 Update with Army Builder Counter Dump, TRU Wave 1, and the Borders Wave. Also added the Spidey Friends & Foes Box Set.

2010-03-24: Added Marvel Wave 33 and Wave 34, along with the Battle Beast Promo.

2010-03-05: Added the new TRU Marvel Wave 6.

2010-02-27: Added the just released Ghostbusters Series 3 from TRU.

2010-01-31: Tiny update with the elusive ComicsPRO Blank.

2010-01-21: Added Marvel 31 and Marvel 32.

2010-01-17: Another small update with the TRU Ghostbusters "Best Of" refresh wave.

2010-01-09: Small update to add the First Appearance X-Men and X-Factor box sets.

2009-12-27: Added manufacture date codes to figure pages and the package description text to figure and pack pages.

2009-12-24: An update that includes the TRU Marvel Wave 4 and the Marvel Secret Wars Box Set.

2009-12-13: Added statistical charts to the various site modules: figures, packs, characters, accessories, and series.

2009-12-06: Larger update including Goth Girl, a pair of BSG Mini-Flyers, Terminator 2 Wave 2, Marvel Wave 29, Marvel Wave 30, a Ghostbusters Box Set and two-pack, and the Marvel Infiniti Gauntlet Box Set.

2009-10-06: This update includes the TRU Marvel Wave 4.

2009-09-27: Another light update with the TRU Battlestar Galactica Mini-Flyers (Viper and Cylon Raider).

2009-09-18: A light update with the new second wave of Wolverine: Origins Minimates from TRU.

2009-09-06: Another chunky update with Marvel Wave 27 and Wave 28. Added the TRU exclusive Battlestar Galactica Series 2 and Ghostbusters Series 2.

2009-07-31: Big post-SDCC update with: some Ghostbusters Minimates, the AFX Keychains (red, black, green, and blue), the Terminator 2 Box Set, a bunch of Marvel Box Sets (Thunderbolts, DA #1, DA #2, Champions, and Wolverine), the AA and DST blanks, and TRU Marvel Wave 3.

2009-07-12: Added Ghostbusters Box Set and TRU Wave 1. Also filled in the Wave 25 chase Bolt Face Iron Man & AIM Soldier.

2009-07-04: Added images for Battlestar Galactica TRU Series 1 and the Terminator 2 Specialty Market packs.

2009-06-15: Added images for Marvel Wave 25 and Wave 26. Also added the Terminator 2 Single Packs. Filled in all the new TRU announcements as well.

2009-05-30: Added the recently released Toys R Us Terminator 2 Minimates.

2009-05-03: Added the Marvel Heroes and Villains Box Sets. Also added the Free Comic Book Day promo.

2009-04-26: Added the new Toys R Us Wave containing Minimates from the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie.

2009-04-04: Added the recently released Spirit Movie Box Set and exclusive Previews Two-Pack.

2009-03-29: Added the new 'Toys R Us' Marvel Minimates wave.

2009-03-08: Quick update to add the new Unification Spock promo and images to the old Canadian Spidey/Venom (w/ tongue) pack. Also added data from all the Toy Fair 2009 announcements.

2009-02-07: Added Cumulative stats page that ranks Minimates using current and previous data. Also added Minimate Checklists that will give you a list of all currently released Minimates in a line (Marvel, DC, LOTR, etc.).

2009-01-31: Added Marvel Minimates Wave 23, the Secret Invasion Box Set, and the Punisher: War Zone Box Set.

2009-01-20: Added historical data to the statistics page. Of course I've only been collecting statistics since early January 2009, so that's as far back as you can go.

2009-01-18: Added an RSS Feed.

2009-01-17: Redesigned front page, added new stats page, and added place holder data for all the new items announced by DST (Terminator, Spirit, Marvel).

2008-12-28: Added Star Trek Series 5, Marvel Wave 24, and the Hostile Takeover Box Set from the Iron Man movie. Also added graphics for navigating the figure images.

2008-11-30: Added new Toys-R-Us Wave.

2008-11-02: Quick update to add Avengers #1 Box Set.

2008-10-19: Added Marvel Wave 22 - Hulk, Marvel Wave 21 - Iron Man, Platoon, , Good, Bad and the Ugly, Desperately Seeking Susan, and Chef Duff. I've also added more data to the search function, so if you search for say "Richard Hatch" you get both the Classic Apollo and Tom Zarek. It's not complete and probably never will be, but hopefully it's useful.

2008-08-22: Another quick update to add A Fistful of Dollars Box Set.

2008-08-16: Quick update to add Star Trek Series 4.

2008-08-14: Here are those Accessory Types Pages to group the accessories. Surprisingly it turned out to be easier to implement than I thought it would.

2008-08-11: New Accessories Pages to show what packages a given accessory is in. This will be changing in the next little while to include "Accessory Types" where you can see all the different types of energy blasts, shields, guns, etc. on a single page.

2008-08-10: Big post-SDCC update, including 40 new figures and 21 new packages:

2008-05-31: Update to add new BTTF Box Set and 2-Pack. Also added entries for all the upcoming 2008 sets.

2008-05-11: Quick update to add packaged shots of the 2003 SDCC Blank Minimates and finish up the accessories. (Now I just have to make a page to display them better and add them to search.)

2008-04-28: Most of the accessories are now included minus a few odds and ends. Also added the new Marvel Civil War box set.

2008-04-13: 187 new accessories added. All the three inchers, more Marvel, more DC, LOTR, Street Fighter. 164 packages worth. Only 110 more packages to catalog.

2008-03-17: I've started adding accessories into the database. It's mostly the more recent releases, as I didn't keep records of this info early on. Over the course of the next month or two, I hope to get everything cataloged. This first batch includes pictures of 117 accessories in 130 packages.

2008-03-15: Filled in images for:
2008-03-12: Big update that finally brings MMDB up-to-date, including 58 new figures and 27 new packages:
2008-01-31: Added images for:
2007-10-25: Added images for:
2007-10-23: Organization update.
2007-10-13: Added images for:
2007-10-06: Added place holder packs and figures for:
2007-10-01: Added:
2007-08-12: Added images for:
2007-08-05: Added:
2007-07-27: Site Opened