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Most Clicked Minimates

Infamous Iron Man Mr. Fantastic Green Ranger Silver Surfer Iron Man The Thing Human Torch Captain America Invisible Woman Cyclops Optimus Prime Snake Eyes Blue Ranger Soundwave Black Widow Hulk Thor Pink Ranger Grimlock Dark Phoenix Megatron Phoenix Marvel's Ghost Stealth Iron Man Lilandra Hawkeye Alpha 5 Scarlett Blaster Corsair Constrictor Cobra Commander Gladiator Storm Shadow Starscream Sonic Attack Spider-Man Spider-Woman Shockwave Bumblebee

Most Clicked Characters

Spider-Man Iron Man Captain America Wolverine Hulk Deadpool Venom Cyclops Thor Batman Dr. Doom Daredevil Jean Grey/Phoenix Black Widow Ghost Rider Punisher Thing Hawkeye Mr. Fantastic Human Torch Ant-Man Peter Parker Green Goblin Silver Surfer Magneto Storm

Most Clicked Packs

The Fantastic Four Box Set Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Box Set 1 MCU Avengers SDCC 2021 Box Set G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Box Set (FCBD 2021) Transformers Box Set 2 Transformers Box Set 1 NBX SDCC 2021 Box Set Cyclops & Lilandra Stealth Iron Man & Marvel's Ghost Phoenix & Corsair Miles Morales & Marvel's Prowler Dark Phoenix & Gladiator Dark Avengers #1 Box Set Superior Spider-Man & Peter Parker Spider-Girl & Doctor Octopus Dark Avengers #2 Box Set The Infinity Gauntlet Box Set Mockingbird & Deathlok Iron Man & Marvel's Ghost Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Box Set Giant Size X-Men #1 Boxed Set Alpha Flight Box Set #2 1940s Captain America & Agent Peggy Carter Falcon & Baron Zemo Iron Man Through the Ages Box Set Spider-Woman & Constrictor

Most Clicked Accessories

Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear Backpack (Web) Repulsor Hand (Red) Sword Handgun (Classic) - Silver Webline Z-1 Assault Blaster Psylocke Hairpiece Doc Brown's Rifle with Scope Kree Pistol

Least Clicked Minimates

Savage Land Reaper Bamfing Nightcrawler Eric the Cavalier Hank the Ranger Diana the Acrobat Frost Giant Presto the Magician Sheila the Thief Bobby the Barbarian Marigold Twilight Witch King Dr. Britt Baker Kenny Omega Skeleton Crewman British Naval Officer Morrigan Sting Morgul Lord Witch King Rodan 1993 (Fire Rodan) Vampire Spike Captain Jack Sparrow Unnamed Pirate - Evil Casual Bruce Lee Chris Jericho Dragonzord Michael Corleone Of the Beast Ringwraith 1 Somewhere in Time Starscream USA Rocky Balboa Baronness Brutal Planet C.M. Punk Coronation Starscream Diary of a Madman Hellbilly Klingon Michelangelo

Least Clicked Characters

Unnamed Avengers Movie Character ODST Rookie - Dreadlock Laufey Prison Guard Yelena Farmer Plumber Zombie Pumpkin King Madame Hydra Rachel Summers Rtas Vadum Monster Diana Eric Shadowcat Sheila Wrestler Zombie Whitney Frost Bobby James Howlett Natalie Presto Spike Chris Jericho

Least Clicked Packs

Final Battle T-1000 & Battle-Damaged Sarah Connor Endoskeleton & Battle-Damaged T-800 Endoskeleton & Kyle Reese Terminator & John Connor Tron Vinimate No More Tears Uhura Twin 2 Somewhere in Time White Zombie Diary of a Madman Of the Beast Prophet Baltar & Captive Six "Valley of Darkness" Cylon Dungeons & Dragons Box Set 1 Lurtz & Twilight Witch King Ringwraith 1 & Ringwraith 2 Sally Vinimate Casual Bruce Lee Vinimate Fistful of Alice Guile & Zangief Paul Stanley (Tubed) Pete Vinimate Wonder Woman Vinimate Battle Damaged Cylon Hellbilly

Least Clicked Accessories

Gray and Black Arm (Left) Marvel Girl Flaming Hairpiece Museum Catalog (Brown) Small Axe - Flat (Peg Right) Star-Lord Helmet Blue and Green Patterned Arm (Right) Cyclops Hairpiece Cyclops Hairpiece Dunno Firey Hairpiece