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Most Clicked Minimates

Doppelganger Holographic Iron Man Sinister Six Iron Spider Venom Sinister Six The Spot Marvel NOW! Cyclops Sonic Attack Spider-Man Demogoblin Marvel NOW! Rogue Marvel's Black Cat Maximum Carnage The Ghost Madame Masque Marvel's Cloak Fugitive Predator Marvel's Dagger Rory McKenna Shriek Ant-Man Casey Bracket Dr. Hank Pym Quinn McKenna Ghost Rider The Wasp Deathstroke Phoenix The Fallen Agamotto Odin Black Panther Iron Fist War Machine Starbrand Whitney Frost Wasp Black Panther Desmodius Green Arrow MODOK

Most Clicked Characters

Spider-Man Iron Man Wolverine Captain America Venom Hulk Cyclops Batman Carnage Deadpool Ghost Rider Thor Hope Van Dyne Iceman Ant-Man Black Cat Predator Peter Parker Archangel Jean Grey/Phoenix Beast Green Goblin Rogue Black Panther Red Skull Thanos

Most Clicked Packs

The Predator Box Set Ant-Man and the Wasp Box Set Maximum Carnage & Demogoblin Sinister Six Iron Spider & Sinister Six The Spot Sonic Attack Spider-Man & Marvel's Black Cat Deputy Michonne & Winter Zombie Venom & Doppelganger Marvel NOW! Cyclops & Marvel NOW! Rogue Marvel's Cloak & Marvel's Dagger Holographic Iron Man & Madame Masque Ghost Rider & The Fallen Captain America & Winter Soldier Halloween Town Box Set Black Panther & Starbrand Phoenix & Agamotto Iron Fist & Odin Black Panther & Whitney Frost Wasp & MODOK Goofy from Space Paranoids & Sark Spider-Gwen & Jackal Stealth Suit Spider-Man & Screwball War Machine & Cull Obsidian Drax & Gamora Master Form Sora & Pete Black Coat Mickey & Soldier Glow in the Dark Goblin

Most Clicked Accessories

Batwoman Hairpiece Handgun (Classic) - Silver Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear Green Destiny Sword Universal Weapon Phaser (TOS) Hobgoblin Glider Ronan's Hammer Fountain Base Shreik Head

Least Clicked Minimates

April O'Neil Daredevil Zangief Bamfing Nightcrawler Deadman Floyd Frost Giant Gwen Conliffe Gwen Stacey Mariko Pumyra Red Tornado Savage Land Reaper Skeleton Crewman Spartan (Teal) The Squid Translucent Orange Michelangelo Alicia Masters Amy Rose Aquaman Biker Zombie British Naval Officer Bruce Buddy Christ Capt. Dallas Captain Deadbeard Chekov Colleen Wing Corpse Boy Cyclops Darkseid Diamond Select Toys Logo Blank Donatello Douglas Monroe Emaciated Zombie Gabe Ghostbusters 2 Slime Blower Ray Glow-In-The-Dark Stay Puft Imperious Leader

Least Clicked Characters

Ron Johner Ebony Maw Henry Human Ranger Monster Okoye Plumber Zombie Rtas Vadum Sela Senator Roark Seven of Nine Wrestler Zombie Angel Eyes Annalee Call Blastaar Budd Carina Cheetara Dillon Elizabeth Shaw Elle Driver Emile Extremis Soldier Imperious Leader Jack O'Lantern Jackal

Least Clicked Packs

Leonardo & Bebop Terminator & John Connor Dexter & Dreadlock Zombie Doctor Eggman Vinimate Endoskeleton & Battle-Damaged T-800 Endoskeleton & Kyle Reese Green Arrow Vinimate Hydra Flame Trooper Michonne & Whisperer 2 Nick Fury & Ronan Pvt. Vasquez & Pvt. Hudson Reverse Flash Vinimate Shazam Vinimate Sonic Vinimate Sora Vinimate Space Suit Dallas & Space Suit Lambert Spartan ODST (White) & Brute Stalker (Active Camouflage) Strider & Clear Twilight Witch King Supergirl Vinimate Tails Vinimate Viggo Tarasov Vinimate Yon-Rogg & Phil Coulson "Valley of Darkness" Cylon (D'Anna Biers or Aaron Doral) & Simon the Cylon 2011 New York Comic Con 24 End of Day 3 Two-Pack

Least Clicked Accessories

Backpack (Open) - Tan Combi-Stick (Clear) Dust Base - Smokey Katana - Silver Nebula's Gun Spider-Man Mask Walkie Talkie Wasp Helmet Alien Egg (Light) - Open Alt Keyes Head