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Most Clicked Minimates

Sonic Attack Spider-Man Holographic Iron Man Ant-Man Doppelganger War Machine Sinister Six Iron Spider Venom Maximum Carnage Fugitive Predator The Ghost The Wasp Marvel NOW! Cyclops Dr. Hank Pym Quinn McKenna Marvel's Black Cat Rory McKenna Sinister Six The Spot Casey Bracket Demogoblin Ghost Rider Marvel NOW! Rogue Black Panther Madame Masque Deathstroke Phoenix Cull Obsidian The Fallen Black Panther Spider-Gwen MODOK Shriek Marvel's Cloak Agamotto Odin Stealth Suit Spider-Man Mark 50 Iron Man Thanos Hulkbuster Gamora

Most Clicked Characters

Spider-Man Iron Man Captain America Hulk Wolverine Venom Thor Deadpool Cyclops Ant-Man Ghost Rider Batman Black Panther Thanos Peter Parker War Machine Carnage Jean Grey/Phoenix Ms. Marvel Black Cat Black Widow Red Skull Hawkeye Daredevil Green Goblin Iceman

Most Clicked Packs

The Predator Box Set Ant-Man and the Wasp Box Set Sinister Six Iron Spider & Sinister Six The Spot Sonic Attack Spider-Man & Marvel's Black Cat Maximum Carnage & Demogoblin Venom & Doppelganger Holographic Iron Man & Madame Masque Marvel NOW! Cyclops & Marvel NOW! Rogue War Machine & Cull Obsidian Unmasked Spider-Man & Green Goblin Marvel's Cloak & Marvel's Dagger Venom Through the Ages Box Set Avengers Infinity War Box Set Black Panther & Whitney Frost Groot & Rocket Captain America & Falcon The Mighty Thor: Stormbreaker Box Set Spider-Gwen & Jackal Halloween Town Box Set Alpha Flight Box Set #1 Stealth Suit Spider-Man & Screwball Ghost Rider & The Fallen Drax & Gamora Phoenix & Agamotto Hulkbuster & Corvus Glave Uncanny X-Force Box Set

Most Clicked Accessories

Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear Handheld GE M134 Minigun Handgun (Classic) - Silver Webline Green Destiny Sword Basic Hand - Peach Z-1 Assault Blaster Backpack (Web) BR55HB SR Battle Rifle Phaser (TOS)

Least Clicked Minimates

Bamfing Nightcrawler Marigold Frost Giant Savage Land Reaper The Spirit Chekov Of the Beast Chase Edmunds Doctor Eggman Foot Soldier Hellbilly Morrigan Natalie Ringwraith 2 Unnamed Pirate - Evil Doctor Eggman John Taggart Wreck It Ralph Amy Rose Art Asylum Logo Blank Clawed Bruce Lee Green Arrow John Talbain Mephistopheles Twin 1 Undercover Jack Bauer Viggo Tarasov British Naval Officer Brutal Planet Casual Bruce Lee Diary of a Madman Molten Man Monk Racetrack Slimed Winston Terminator The Squid Toy Story Sora Track Suit Bruce Lee

Least Clicked Characters

Prison Guard ODST Rookie Rachel Summers Shadowcat British Naval Officer Crimson Widow Elizabeth Shaw Maleficent Marigold Molten Man Pumpkin King Rtas Vadum Sonny Corleone Twin 1 Wreck-It Ralph Wrestler Zombie Farmer James Howlett Minn-Erva Stephen Saunders John Taggart Mephistopheles Nuro Plumber Zombie Unnamed Pirate - Good Att-Lass

Least Clicked Packs

Endoskeleton & Kyle Reese Bane Vinimate Endoskeleton & Battle-Damaged T-800 No More Tears Of the Beast Peter Criss (Tubed) SuperBeast (Tubed) Tails Vinimate Terminator & John Connor Toy Story Sora Vinimate Vulture & Molten Man Aquaman Vinimate Doctor Eggman Vinimate Final Battle T-1000 & Battle-Damaged Sarah Connor Hellbilly Jack Skellington Vinimate Peter Criss (Carded) Salazar Vinimate Twin 1 24 End of Day 3 Two-Pack Bark at the Moon (Carded) Batman Vinimate Brutal Planet Chekov Green Arrow Vinimate John Wick Vinimate

Least Clicked Accessories

Walkie Talkie Bishop Leg (Left) Carnage Alt Head Tony Stark Hairpiece Dr. Smith Head Jesse Alexander Head Mace with Red Handle Tony Stark Hairpiece Umbrella Alt. Cap Head