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Most Clicked Minimates

Iron Man Mark 47 Spider-Man Stairwell Daredevil Vulture Homemade Suit Spider-Man Ghost Shark Mr. Freeze Hanzo Predator Hound Shocker Rorschach Luke Cage Iron Giant Happy Hogan Elektra Nite Owl The Comedian Guardian Predator Stick Karen Page Battle-Damaged Spider-Man Cottonmouth Leslie Thompkins Jack Sparrow Lesaro Scout Predator Cursed Will Turner Hugo Strange Lydia Deetz Det. Harvey Bullock Young Jack Sparrow Misty Knight Stalker Predator Snake Predator Mariah Dillard Peter Parker Carina Henry Barbossa

Most Clicked Characters

Spider-Man Iron Man Wolverine Captain America Hulk Deadpool Venom Daredevil Thor Ant-Man Green Goblin Batman Cyclops Peter Parker Vulture Jean Grey/Phoenix Shocker Luke Cage Predator Carnage Punisher Ghost Rider Magneto Red Skull Black Widow Hawkeye

Most Clicked Packs

Daredevil Netflix Box Set 2 Luke Cage Netflix Box Set Gotham Series 4 Box Set Iron Man Mark 47 & Happy Hogan Hanzo & Predator Hound Spider-Man & Shocker Homemade Suit Spider-Man & Vulture Lesaro & Ghost Shark Homemade Suit Spider-Man & Vulture Spider-Man & Shocker Guardian Predator & Snake Predator Marvel Now Blind Bag Peter Parker & May Parker Battle-Damaged Spider-Man & Tinkerer Stalker Predator & Scout Predator Young Jack Sparrow & Salazar Ghost Salazar & Cursed Will Turner Jack Sparrow & Barbossa Rorschach Vinimate Nite Owl Vinimate Jack Sparrow & Barbossa Age of Ultron Exclusive Box Set Iron Giant Vinimate The Comedian Vinimate Henry & Carina Dark Avengers #2 Box Set

Most Clicked Accessories

Zombie Wasp Head Backpack (Web) Groot Webline Sword - Flat Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear Sanity Certficate - Cobblepot Vulture Wings Handgun Clipboard with Autopsy Report

Least Clicked Minimates

Marigold Savage Land Reaper Saxophonist Slimed Winston Walter Buddy Musician 2 Neomorph Toddler Santa Claus Snowman Jack Somewhere in Time Tennessee Barbara Glow-in-the-Dark Mayor John Taggart John Talbain Muddy Dutch Musician 1 Santa Jack Shaw Slimer Twin 1 Ty Webb Undersea Gal Zero Adam Adam Buddy the Elf Clear Twilight Witch King Covenant Xenomorph Daniels Devil Frost Giant GITD Dr. Finkelstein Gopher Gunslinger Hellbilly Igor Ken

Least Clicked Characters

Det. Lambert Marigold ODST Rookie Barbara Maitland Elizabeth Shaw Jake Laufey Monster Rtas Vadum Tennessee Undersea Gal Unnamed Pirate - Evil - Adam Maitland Anna Buddy Corpse Mom Crewman Dan Devil Dietrich Don Corleone Farmer Gopher James Howlett Klingon

Least Clicked Packs

Ace Frehley (Tubed) Battle Damaged Stay Puft Vinimate Buddy Vinimate Cloaked Predator Vinimate Commercial Cowboy Betelgeuse Vinimate Corpse Dad & Corpse Mom Endoskeleton & Battle-Damaged T-800 Endoskeleton & Kyle Reese Final Battle T-1000 & Battle-Damaged Sarah Connor Freefall Cylon Gozer Vinimate Mirror Kirk Pumpkin King Vinimate Alien: Covenant Xenomorph Vinimate Blanka & Dan Cylon Warrior Dr. McCoy (Tubed) Gene Simmons (Tubed) GITD Slimer Vinimate Hulk & Bruce Banner Monk Muddy Dutch Vinimate No More Tears ODST (Olive) Of the Beast Salazar Vinimate

Least Clicked Accessories

News Flash Wing Andúril Scabbard Arm - Peach with White and Blue Sleeve (Right) Blue to Clear Fading Arm (Left) Brown Arm with Yellow Stripe (Right) Cyclops Hairpiece Dropship Helmet Energy Shield - Blue Fighting Baton (Yellow)