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Most Clicked Minimates

Iron Spider-Man Thanos Mark 50 Iron Man Proxima Midnight Thor Hulk Doctor Strange Star-Lord Agent of Hydra Captain America Riri Williams Ironheart Spider-Armor Spider-Man Heimdall Old Man Logan Red King of Sakaar Captain America's Hulkbuster Negative Zone Spider-Man Spider Sense Peter Parker Superior Foe Beetle Marvel's Surtur Black Panther Marvel's Chameleon Spider-Man King Hulk Ashley Barton Spider-Girl Sakaar Loki Powered Up Black Panther Scorpion Ages of Thunder Thor Marvel's Jack O'Lantern Tactical Killmonger Otho Vulture Santa Claus Mastermind as Professor X Powered Up Killmonger Tuxedo Beetlejuice Walter Classic Marvel Girl Shuri

Most Clicked Characters

Spider-Man Iron Man Captain America Hulk Wolverine Thor Thanos Deadpool Dr. Strange Black Panther Venom Proxima Midnight Star-Lord Peter Parker Cyclops Ant-Man Daredevil Ms. Marvel Jean Grey/Phoenix Black Widow Batman Ghost Rider Loki Thing Hawkeye Ben Reilly

Most Clicked Packs

Mark 50 Iron Man & Thanos Doctor Strange & Thor Star-Lord & Proxima Midnight Iron Spider-Man & Hulk X-Men vs. The Brotherhood Box Set Agent of Hydra Captain America & Riri Williams Ironheart Black Panther Box Set Spider Sense Peter Parker & Marvel's Chameleon Old Man Logan & Ashley Barton Spider-Girl Elf Box Set Captain America's Hulkbuster & Baron Zemo Sakaar Loki & Heimdall Spider-Armor Spider-Man & Superior Foe Beetle Spider-Man & Scorpion Ages of Thunder Thor & Marvel's Surtur King Hulk & Red King of Sakaar Kid Arachnid & Vulture Negative Zone Spider-Man & Marvel's Jack O'Lantern Captain Marvel & Red Hulk Tactical Killmonger & Casino T'Challa Tuxedo Beetlejuice & Otho Gladiator Hulk & Valkyrie Avengers Infinity War Box Set Unworthy Thor & Collector Everett Ross & Powered Up Black Panther Gladiator Thor & Hela

Most Clicked Accessories

Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear Proxima's Pointy Stick Papa Elf Psylocke Hairpiece Torch (Glow in the Dark) Webline Mjolnir Heimdall's Sword Handheld GE M134 Minigun Jarnbjorn

Least Clicked Minimates

Savage Land Reaper Frost Giant Morrigan Organization 13 Mickey Mouse Marigold Mephistopheles Nibor Nightwing No More Tears Sora Unnamed Pirate - Evil White Zombie Bamfing Nightcrawler Batwoman Catwoman Dark Cthulu Diary of a Madman Hellbilly John Taggart Martian Manhunter Mirror Kirk Space Paranoids Donald Space Paranoids Sora Sulu Supergirl Uhura Blanka Chloe O'Brien Clear Twilight Witch King Donald Iron Arm Jack Bauer John Talbain Ken Lee Adama Monk Of the Beast Racetrack Skeleton Crewman

Least Clicked Characters

Dreadlock Black Manta Farmer James Howlett Rtas Vadum Madame Hydra Prison Guard Rachel Summers Unnamed Pirate - Evil - Guillotine Monk Monkian Unnamed Avengers Movie Character Wrestler Zombie British Naval Officer Chloe O'Brien Dualla Elrond Goofy Henry John Talbain Kevin Marigold Monster ODST Rookie

Least Clicked Packs

Catwoman Vinimate Space Paranoids Donald & Sark Terminator & John Connor Batwoman Vinimate Endoskeleton & Battle-Damaged T-800 Endoskeleton & Kyle Reese Final Battle T-1000 & Battle-Damaged Sarah Connor Mickey & Goofy Supergirl Vinimate Aquaman Vinimate Captain Cold Vinimate Donald Duck Vinimate The Flash Vinimate Blackest Night Batman Vinimate Goofy Vinimate Harley Quinn Vinimate Harley Vinimate Immortal Dragon (Tubed) Mirror Kirk ODST (Olive) Organization 13 Mickey Mouse Vinimate Reverse Flash Vinimate Sora & Donald Sora Vinimate Tron Vinimate Uhura

Least Clicked Accessories

Mace Book - Blue (with Cut Corners) Dr. Smith Head Hand with Charged Energy - Gray Hand with Charged Energy - Yellow Kneepad - Green (Right) Orange Hand with Pumpkin Bomb Red Belt Scabbard Shoulder Piece