Statistics For Current Week (since Sunday)

Most Clicked Minimates

Jet-Pack Spider-Man Disappearing Cheshire Cat Spider-Man Noir Mandroid Time-Frozen Alice Doctor Strange Alice Kingsleigh Squirrel Girl Black Knight Monochrome Time Mad Hatter Enchantress Time Stephen Strange Blizzard Donald Gill Mad Hatter Alice Kingsleigh Tweedledee Classic Falcon Tigra White Queen Ribbon Fantasy Alice Time Red Queen Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man Star-Lord Astral Form Doctor Strange Red Queen Strong Zealot Blizzard Gregor Shapanka Tweedledum Groot Zealot Star-Lord Matt Murdock Yondu Wastelands Wolverine First Appearance Wolverine Armory Spider-Man

Most Clicked Characters

Spider-Man Wolverine Iron Man Captain America Hulk Deadpool Thor Venom Batman Daredevil Cyclops Star-Lord Hawkeye Ant-Man Jean Grey/Phoenix Magneto Dr. Strange Ultron Black Widow Thanos Drax the Destroyer Peter Parker Scarlet Witch Falcon Green Goblin Tony Stark

Most Clicked Packs

Black Knight & Enchantress Jet-Pack Spider-Man & Squirrel Girl Blizzard Donald Gill & Mandroid Spider-Man Noir & Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man Alice Kingsleigh Vinimate Tigra & Classic Falcon Blizzard Gregor Shapanka & Mandroid Alice Hot Topic Series 1 Blind Bag Astral Form Doctor Strange & Strong Zealot Doctor Strange & The Ancient One Ribbon Fantasy Alice & Tweedledum Stephen Strange & Christine Palmer Age of Ultron Exclusive Box Set Mad Hatter & Red Queen Wong & Zealot Alice Kingsleigh & Tweedledee Mordo & Kaecilius Star-Lord & Groot & Rocket Time & White Queen Daredevil Netflix Box Set 1 A vs. X Box Set (Fan Poll) Marvel Now! Thunderbolts Box Set The Infinity Gauntlet Box Set Dark Avengers #1 Box Set Iron Man Through the Ages Box Set Alien Box Set

Most Clicked Accessories

Handheld GE M134 Minigun Rocket Raccoon Rocket Raccoon Baby Groot Webline Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear Camera Backpack (Web) Micro Silver Surfer Fencing Foil with Hand

Least Clicked Minimates

Morrigan Nite Owl Savage Land Reaper Crewman Musician 1 Ozymandias Zangief Dr. Manhattan GITD Jack Hellbilly Jay Lips Lurtz Musician 2 Nite Owl No More Tears Speed Demon Taserface The Comedian Twilight Witch King Undersea Gal Zoot Bamfing Nightcrawler Billy Rosewood Captain Salazar Comedian Devil Embargoed Character 2 Embargoed Character 3 Eowyn Floyd Frost Giant Guile Henry Igor Karen Page Lydia Man in Black Michonne

Least Clicked Characters

James Howlett Crewman Dreadlock Janice Monk Prison Guard Pumpkin King Rachel Summers Rtas Vadum Unnamed Avengers Movie Character - Corpse Boy Dr. Manhattan Farmer Harvey Bullock Hogarth Karen Page Laufey Mantis Mariah Dillard Misty Knight Mummy Boy Newsman Nite Owl ODST Rookie Robby the Robot

Least Clicked Packs

Final Battle T-1000 & Battle-Damaged Sarah Connor Dr. Manhattan Vinimate Dr. Teeth & Rowlf Embargoed Character 1 & Embargoed Character 2 Endoskeleton & Kyle Reese Judge Smails Vinimate Man in Black Vinimate Robby & Crewman White Zombie Zoot & Lips Al Czervik Vinimate Blanka & Ken Fistful of Alice Gopher Vinimate Ground Assault Drone Gunslinger Vinimate Henry & Carina Iron Giant Vinimate Jack Sparrow Vinimate Jen Yu (as Boy) Lo (Tubed) Logan & Sabretooth Lydia Vinimate Marty McFly Vinimate Monk No More Tears

Least Clicked Accessories

Yellow Shirt Cuff with Brown Dots Easter Basket Gas Mask with Blond Hair Kneepad - Green (Right) Rag Alt Leonardo Head Alt. Hulk Head Backpack with Bedroll Belt Holster Black Arm with Police Shield (Left)