Punisher: War Zone Box Set

Handgun (x3)
Handgun (Silver) (x2)
Nightstick - Gray
Knife with Brown Handle
Package Text:
Frank Castle: After seeing his family murdered before him, Frank Castle took up the mantle of the Punisher and vowed to never again let the guilty roam free. Up against a mob army and the Punisher Task Force, that promise will be put to the test...
Jigsaw: Mob boss Billy Russoti's first encounter with the Punisher left him with two things: disfiguring scars across his entire face and a thirst for vengeance like none other. Calling himself Jigsaw, he begins to recruit an arm with only one goal - the death of Frank Castle!
Assault Armor Punisher: Equipped with the latest gear and an unyielding appetite for vengeance, the Punisher takes to the streets to continue his one-man war on crime. On his tail is the FBI's Punisher Task Force, dedicated to bringing him in dead or alive.
Mob Thug: Hired by Jigsaw to eliminate the Punisher once and for all, this army of thugs, goons, mobsters, assassins, killers, and sociopaths might be the only thing capable of getting the job done. Heavily armed but lacking discipline, their fate has already been sealed.
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Other Box Sets

Release Date:  January 28, 2009

UPC:  699788719596

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