Champions Box Set

Fireball (Translucent Orange)
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Angel: Former X-Man Warren Worthington III founded Champions, Inc. as an alternative super-team consisting of "heroes for the common man." Along with fellow mutant Iceman, Angel would remain with the team until the end.
Ghost Rider: The outcast of the group, Johnny Blaze would transform into the fearsome Ghost Rider to assist the team with all manner of mystical and other-worldly threats. His superhuman strength, ethereal flames and Penance Stare would prove invaluable.
Black Widow: Former Russian super-spy Natalia Romanova served as Champions team-leader - utilizing her martial arts, sharp-shooting, espionage and slowed aging to defend the West Coast as the Black Widow.
Hercules: The super-strong and immortal Hercules left the tranquility of Olympus to do battle in man's world. His ties to the Greek pantheon of Gods proved invulnerable in battles against Pluto, Hippolyta and even Zeus himself!
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Other Box Sets

Release Date:  July 24, 2009 (SDCC)

UPC:  699788719633

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