Transforming Thing & Herald Silver Surfer

Ben Grimm Head
Ben Grimm Hairpiece
Basic Hip Piece - Orange Jumpsuit
Clear Stand
Fireball - Purple (x2)
Basic Hand - Peach (x2)
Basic Foot - Black (x2)
Base with Large Peg (29mm) - Clear (x2)
Surfboard with Foot Peg and Base Connector - Silver
Surfer Portal Base
Package Text:
Transforming Thing: Pilot Ben Grimm first turned into the Thing after being bathed in cosmic radiation, and his skin was transformed into orange rock. He has since reverted to human form several times, but rarely for very long.
Herald Silver Surfer: Norrin Radd originally became the Silver Surfer to steer the Galactus away from his homeworld of Zenn-La. He still occasionally fills this role, seeking unpopulated planets for his master to consume.
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Toys R Us Two Packs (Wave 15)

Release Date:  Februrary 13, 2013

UPC:  699788723241

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