Basic Foot - Black
Type: Feet
Found In:

Tony Stark & Iron Monger

Jim Rhodes & Mark I Iron Man

Hostile Takeover Box Set

Thunderbolts Box Set

Extremis Iron Man & Titanium Man

Extremis Iron Man & Titanium Man

Senate Hearing Tony Stark & Mark I Iron Man

Human Torch & Thing

Mole Man & Sue Storm

Elite Heroes Law Enforcement

New Mutants Magik & Warlock

M.A.X.-Tech Stealth Jet (Translucent Blue)

M.A.X.-Tech Stealth Jet (Translucent Black)

Elite Heroes Fire Fighters

Elite Heroes Law Enforcement

NYCC Firefighter Two-Pack

Transforming Thing & Herald Silver Surfer

Heartbreaker Iron Man & Tony Stark

Wolverine Saga Box Set

Marvel Now! Thunderbolts Box Set

Marvel's Nova & Alien Symbiote Venom

Marvel Now Thor & Absorbing Man

Vincent and Mia's Night Out Box Set

Transforming Grey Hulk & MK 29 Armor Iron Man

Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Box Set

Falcon as Captain America & Red Onslaught

Half-Masked Spider-Man & Agent Coulson

Miles Morales Spider-Man & Venom

Bruce Banner's Hulkbuster & The Leader

Spider Sense Peter Parker & Marvel's Chameleon

Marvel's Cloak & Marvel's Dagger

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