Figures tagged with: powerhouse

DC C3 Minimates
Man-Bat Man-Bat

DC Minimates and Vinimates
Kilowog Kilowog

Expendables Minimates
Paine Paine

Ghostbusters Minimates and Vinimates
Black Slime Monster Black Slime Monster

Marvel Minimates
90s Beast 90s Beast
Abomination Abomination
Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth
Anti-Venom Anti-Venom
Battle-scarred Thing Battle-scarred Thing
Beast Beast
(Astonishing X-Men)
Beast Beast
(First Appearance)
Beast Beast
Beast Beast
Black-Suited Spider-Man Black-Suited Spider-Man
Championpool Championpool
Civil War Iron Man Civil War Iron Man
Colossus Colossus
Dark Beast Dark Beast
Doombot Doombot
Dr. Doom Dr. Doom
Gamma Hulk Gamma Hulk
Hank Pym Hank Pym
(Avengers #1)
Hercules Hercules
Hulk Hulk
Hulk Hulk
(Marvel Now!)
Hulk Hulk
Hulk Hulk
Incredible Hulk Incredible Hulk
(Avengers #1)
Kraven Kraven
Kree Sentry Kree Sentry
Lizard Lizard
Mark VI Armor Iron Man Mark VI Armor Iron Man
Powerhouse Sandman Powerhouse Sandman
Powerhouse Thing Powerhouse Thing
Powerhouse Venom Powerhouse Venom
Sentinel Sentinel
Ska'ar Ska'ar
The Hulk The Hulk
Thing Thing
Thing Thing
Thing Thing
Titanium Man Titanium Man
Transformation Venom Transformation Venom
(Also listed as simply 'Venom')
Trenchcoat Thing Trenchcoat Thing
Underground Battle Lizard Underground Battle Lizard
Venom Venom
Venom Venom
(Mac Gargan)
Warlock Warlock
Zombie Wolverine Zombie Wolverine

Marvel Vs. Capcom Minimates
Hulk Hulk
Mike Haggar Mike Haggar
Red Hulk Red Hulk

Terminator 2 Minimates
SWAT Officer SWAT Officer