Figures tagged with: music

Back To The Future Minimates and Vinimates
Marlene McFly Marlene McFly

KISS Minimates
Ace Frehley Ace Frehley
(Space Ace)
Gene Simmons Gene Simmons
(The Demon)
Paul Stanley Paul Stanley
(Star Child)
Peter Criss Peter Criss
(The Cat Man)

Rock Minimates
Bark at the Moon Bark at the Moon
(Ozzy Osbourne)
Brutal Planet Brutal Planet
Constrictor Constrictor
(Alice Cooper)
Diary of a Madman Diary of a Madman
Fistful of Alice Fistful of Alice
Hellbilly Hellbilly
No More Tears No More Tears
Of the Beast Of the Beast
Power Slave Power Slave
(Iron Maiden)
Somewhere in Time Somewhere in Time
Techno Zombie Techno Zombie
(Rob Zombie)
White Zombie White Zombie