Shipmaster (Rtas 'Vadam) & Brute War Chieftain

Gravity Hammer
Fuel Rod Gun
Type-1 Energy Sword (Purple)
Package Text:
For almost 30 years the battle between the forces of humanity and the Convenant, an aggressive collection of alien species, has raged across the galaxy. Countless moments of bravery and danger have made heroes on both sides of the war, but above all others stand the Spartan super-soldiers and their leader: the Master Chief, John-117.
Shipmaster (Rtas 'Vadam): Rtas 'Vadum became a hero to the Elites after he rallied to defend his species from the treachery of the Prophets. As commander of the Separatist fleet he led the Elite rebellion, and negotiated their eventual alliance with the UNSC forces.
Brute War Chieftain: The War Chieftain is superior to the standard Brute Chieftain and typically commands larger packs. He prefers to use the heaviest of weapons to inflict the maximum amount of damage on his enemies and to reinforce his physical superiority.
Series:  Halo Minimates Toys R Us Series 4

Release Date:  May 15, 2012

UPC:  699788600924

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