Spartan ODST (White) & Brute Stalker (Active Camouflage)

Gravity Hammer - Transparent
BR55HB SR Battle Rifle
Package Text:
For almost 30 years the battle between the forces of humanity and the Convenant, an aggressive collection of alien species, has raged across the galaxy. Countless moments of bravery and danger have made heroes on both sides of the war, but above all others stand the Spartan super-soldiers and their leader: the Master Chief, John-117.
Spartan ODST (White): The "ODST" or "Orbital Drop Shock Trooper" are the best of the best for the UNSC Marines. Rahter than using traditional drop ships, the ODSTs are released in individual pods. This gives the soldier more maneuverability and also makes them a harder target for the enemy.
Brute Stalker (Active Camouflage): The Brute Stalker's job is to protect and spy for Brute Chieftains. Usually they are easy to identify with their dark gray armor and a single bright light emitting from their helmet - but beware! The Stalker will often use camouflage and radar jammers to confuse the enemy before finishing them off.
Series:  Halo Minimates Toys R Us Series 3

Release Date:  June 18, 2011 (TRU Online - limited)

Release Date:  July 28, 2011 (TRU In-Store)

UPC:  699788600795

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