White Tiger & Hand Ninja

Bow with Arrow Notch - Maroon
Arrow (Maroon)
Sai (Maroon Handle) (x2)
Sword with Maroon Handle
Basic Hand - Peach (x2)
Basic Foot - Red (x2)
Package Text:
White Tiger: Angela Del Toro is the heir to a heroic legacy that began with the Jade Tiger, a long-lost enchanted statue from the fabled kingdom of K'un-Lun. Broken into pieces, those pieces eventually ended up in Angela's posession, granting her super-powers.
Hand Ninja: The Hand is an evil order of mystical ninja warriors who are heavily involved in organzied crime and mercenary activities, including assassination.
Series:  Marvel Minimates Wave 38

Release Date:  March 23, 2011

UPC:  699788729113

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