Captain America Through the Ages Box Set

Cap Helmet (WWII)
Cap Hairpiece
Cap Helmet (Suspended)
Basic Hand - Peach (x2)
Cap Hairpiece
Cap Hairpiece
Badge-Shaped Captain America Shield (Three Stars) - Dark
Shield Harness
Captain America Shield (x3)
Ice Block Base
Package Text:
World War II: The first successful recipient of the Super Soldier Serum, Steve Rogers was transformed into America's perfect weapon in their fight against evil. This Minimate includes a distinctive War helmet, classic badge shield and WWII styled ammunition belt.
Suspended Animation: Thought lost to the world forever in the closing days for WWII, Steve Rogers was discovered frozen alive and was brought back to life in the modern age! Featuring an outfit that shows both his military and super hero uniforms and a half melted block of ice, this might be the most unique Minimate ever.
Armored: Facing the deterioration of his body and possible paralysis, Steve Rogers had no choice but to don this armor so he could continue his fight for freedom. While short lived this might be one of the most unique looks for Captain America.
Reborn: Thought to be dead after being assassinated during the events of Civil War, Steve Rogers is found to be alive but caught between time and space. Retrieved by ex-SHIELD agent Sharon Carter and Mr. Fantastic, Rogers returns to the iconic role of Captain America.
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Other Box Sets

Release Date:  October 9, 2010 (TRU Online)

Release Date:  October 27, 2010 (TRU In Store)

UPC:  699788728727

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