Ghostbusters 2 Peter & Slimer

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Ghostbusters 2 Peter Venkman: Peter Venkman, the fast-talking leader of the Ghostbusters, returns to active duty when his former flame, Dana Barrett calls upon the team to investigate supernatural goings-on that may be focused upon her infant son, Oscar. Venkman comes outfitted in the BG2 Tan uniform and updated equipment.
Slimer: Slimer may have begun his life with the Ghostbusters as a nemesis wreaking havoc in the Sedgewick Hotel and sliming Peter, but he later offers his assistance to ersatz Ghostbuster Louis Tulley, offering him a lift to the museum to battle Vigo!
Series:  Ghostbusters TRU Series 4

Release Date:  June 30, 2010

UPC:  699788728505

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