Mark V Iron Man & War Machine

Basic Hand - Peach (x2)
Tony Stark Hairpiece
Shoulder-mounted Mini Gun (Gunmetal)
Mini-Rocket Launcher
Iron Man Flip-Up Helmet (Silver & Gray)
Basic Hand - Dark Brown (x2)
Package Text:
Mark V Iron Man: The ultimate solution to the Iron Man armor's bulky assembly process, Tony Stark's Mark V armor not only gives the Red and Silver Centurion a new look - it also collapses to suitcase-size for effortless mobility.
War Machine: Created for James Rhodes by reverse-engineering Tony Stark's Iron Man, the War Machine armor differs from its predecessor not only in color but also possesses more destructive weapons and raw firepower.
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Borders Two Packs (Iron Man 2)

Release Date:  April 8, 2010

UPC:  9781605842080

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