Neo-Classic Iron Man & Stilt Man

Tony Stark Hairpiece
Blaster - Silver
Gauntlet with Open Hand
Base with Large Peg - Black
Package Text:
Neo Classic Iron Man: Tony Stark's Neo Classic Iron Man armor made its debut after his lighter armor was destroyed in a battle with The Controller and several others in his rogues' gallery. While on the surface this new armor does not appear to vary much from previous incarnations, it is much heavier and stronger than past suits, and the first to feature an integrated force field and increased power to the repulsor rays.
Stilt Man: Wilbur Day was a mild-mannered scientist - until he stole the plans for a hydraulic ramming device which he soon used to invent his battle-suit. As Stilt Man, Wilbur has fought against the likes of Spider-Man, Captain American and even Thor himself!
Series:  Marvel Minimates Wave 36

Release Date:  June 23, 2010

UPC:  699788728390

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