Courtroom Egon Spengler & Scolari Brother Tony

Proton Stream
Giga Meter
Ghost Trap (Open) with activator
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Courtroom Egon: Dr. Egon Spengler's studies of human emotions and the paranormal uniquely qualified him to understand the true nature of Mood slime - especially the psycho-reactive properties triggered by Judge Wezler's outbursts
Tony Scoleri: Half of a murderous duo, Tony Scoleri and his brother Nunzio were sentenced to death by electrocution in 1948 and returned as poltergeists to seek vengeance against Judge Waxler thanks to the Mood slime.
Series:  Ghostbusters TRU Series 3

Release Date:  February 25, 2010

UPC:  699788728109

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