Captain Marvel & Black Bolt

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Captain Marvel: An infiltrator sent to spy on humanity and report back to the Kree Empire, Mar-Vell rejected his people and used his amazing Nega-Bands to become Captain Marvel - Protector of the Universe! Poisoned by the villainous Nitro, Mar-Vell succumbs to cancer and enters the after-life.
Black Bolt: King of the Inhumans and member of the Illuminati, Blackagar Boltagon possesses a uniquely destructive and immensely powerful voice capable of leveling whole cities with but a whisper. Now the leader of the Kree empire, his voice powers a vast interstellar armada.
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Toys R Us Two Packs (Wave 5)

Release Date:  December 3, 2009

UPC:  699788727270

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