Battle Damaged Cylon Raider with Cylon Centurion

Battle Damaged Cylon Raider
Cylon Raider Sticker Sheet (with labels)
Package Text:
Red Stripe Cylon Centurion: After siding with the Cylon Rebels and joining the Colonial Fleet, these newly-liberated and independent Cylon Centurions were a crucial weapon against Cavil's retro-era forces. Their distinct markings earned them the nickname "Red Stripes".
Battle Damaged Cylon Raider: Similar in design to the Cylon Centurions themselves Cylon Raiders consist of both technological and biological components, making repair a difficult option. Though capable of regenerating key components, most damaged Raiders are downloaded into new vessels.
Series:  Battlestar Galactica Mini Flyers Wave 1

Release Date:  November 18, 2009

UPC:  699788261415

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