Cylon Raider

Cylon Raider
Cylon Raider Sticker Sheet
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Cylon Commander: The rumored Cylon Centurion Commanders act much like their retro-era counterparts - serving as advanced tacticians and strategists during high-risk missions unsuitable for human model Cylons. These units have never been directly observed by Colonial Forces yet were reported by civilians during the initial assault on the Colonies.
Cylon Raider: The self-aware Cylon Raiders act out of a combination of instinct and programming due to its bio-mechanical makeup, amplified by the repeated resurrection of destroyed units. With an FTL drive, kinetic energy weapons and nuclear missiles on board, caution should be taken with any encounter.
Series:  Battlestar Galactica Mini Flyers Wave 1

Release Date:  September 10, 2009 (TRU Online)

UPC:  699788727195

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