Marvel Villains Box Set

Hand Blast (x2)
Magneto Helmet
Chalice - Golden
Handgun (Modern) - Silver
Package Text:
Green Goblin: The Green Goblin is perhaps Spider-Man's most deadly, dangerous and unpredictable foe. Deemed rehabilitated after time in a mental institution, Norman Osborn pretended to leave his life of crime behind him and became head of the Thunderbolts with an army of super-powered villains under his control.
Mangeto: One of the most powerful mutants to ever live, Magneto's powers first manifested in the weeks leading up to World War II and allowed him to survive the events that followed. Able to manipulate electromagnetic fields, he vowed to prevent mutantkind from sharing his family's fate.
Dr. Doom: Victor Von Doom rules the nation of Latveria with an iron-clad fist as he pursues his goals of ruling the world and finally exacting revenge from the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards. Created using both his scientific and mystical talents, Dr. Doom's arsenal contains some of the most destructive weapons ever invented.
Red Skull: Born in the fires of Nazi Germany, Johann Schmidt was personally trained by Hitler and served as the evil tyrant's right-hand man - instilling fear and hatred as the Red Skull! Kept in suspended animation for decades, a re-awakened Red Skull now fights against Captain America for control of the world's destiny.
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Other Box Sets

Release Date:  April 22, 2009

UPC:  699788719879

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