Charm City Cakes Chef Duff

Large Cake
You Rock Cake
Chainsaw (Purple)
Frosting Gun with Backpack
Baseball Cap
Drill with Mixing Bit
Blowtorch (Lit)
Mixing Spoon
Package Text:
Star of Food Network's hit reality series Ace of Cakes, innovative pastry chef Duff Goldman is the owner and founder of Charm City Cakes, a wonderfully wild and wacky Baltimore bakery specializing in delicious, imaginative and often outrageous cakes. Charm City Cakes has designed and created out-of-this-world customized culinary creations for everyone from well-known Hollywood stars to unsuspecting grandmothers. No cake dream is too complicated for Duff and his staff of audacious and talented artists and firends who think nothing of using a band saw, blowtorches and more to meet the challenge of creating a truly one-of-a-kind cake.
Series:  Charm City Cakes Minimates Exclusives

Release Date:  August 2008

UPC:  699788731161

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