Civil War Box Set

Basic Hand - Peach (x2)
Energy Blast
Tony Stark Hairpiece
Peter Parker Hairpiece
Captain America Hairpiece
Captain America Shield (Bloody)
Gauntlet (Left)
Gauntlet (Right)
Boot (Right)
Boot (Left)
Package Text:
Civil War Captain America: Steve Rogers has fallen into a clash with both his government and his friends over the Super Human Registration Act - a battle that will end with his surrender, arrest and ultimately, his assassination.
Civil War Spider-Man: "My name is Peter Parker and I've been Spider-Man since I was fifteen years old." With those fateful words one of the world's most closely guarded secret identities is revealed to the world - a revelation that will turn Spider-Man's world upside-down.
Civil War Iron Man: Viewing the Registration Act as a natural evolution of super humans' role in society, Tony Stark dons his Extremis armor and faces off against longtime friends and colleagues in the ultimate super hero showdown.
Nitro: A powerful villain with enhanced explosive powers, Nitro unwittingly sets the events of Civil War in motion when he destroys the quiet town of Stamford and triggers a public backlash against super heroes everywhere.
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Other Box Sets

Release Date:  April 21, 2008

UPC:  699788719251

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