Gruntos & Scalpus

Hammer - Metallic
Knife - Metallic
Double Axe - Metallic
Sword - Metallic
Package Text:
Gruntos: Species: Walrus
As ferocious a fighter as he is an eater, Gruntos is loyal to Vorin and Merk, and will defend his comrades as enthusiastically as he defends his plate. He has always wanted to fight an orca, and still hopes to some day.
Scalpus: Species: Rattlesnake
Scalpus is a soldier in the personal army of one of the beast warlords. When the news came in that the Praxis of Hope, one of the remaining Dread Weapons, had been found, his master boarded his ship and set a course for earth.
Series:  Battle Beasts TRU Series 1

Release Date:  February 12, 2013

UPC:  699788730584

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