Daredevil & Venom

Grappling Cane
Daredevil Hairpiece
Fighting Baton (White) - Bifurcated (x2)
Basic Hand - Black (x2)
Venom Headpiece
Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear (x2)
Package Text:
Daredevil: Young Matt Murdock was blinded by chemicals as a child but the chemicals that took his sight also enhanced his remaining senses. Able to hear a heartbeat from a mile away, now he practices law by day and fights crime by night.
Venom: When Spider-Man rejected the alien symbiote costume he wore for a while, it found a new partner in Eddie Brock, Peter Parker's sworn enemy. Together, they were a formidable foe, and later they protected the innocent as the vigilante Venom.
Series:  Marvel Minimates 'Best of' Wave 2

Release Date:  January 30, 2013

UPC:  699788723760

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