Quasimodo & Phoebus

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Quasimodo: A mute half-dead hunchback, Quasimodo lives a solitary life in Notre Dame cathedral, where he rings the bells and hates a world that barely knows he exists. But when drawn into a web of intrigue by others, he is unwittingly led down a path of doom.
Phoebus: Phoebus, the handsome captain of the guard, is on hand to rescue Esmeralda from the clutches of Quasimodo, and he quickly falls in love with the beggar girl. But that puts him squarely in the sights of Jehan Frollo, who wants Esmeralda for himself.
Series:  Universal Monsters - Toys R Us Wave 3

Release Date:  August 17, 2012

UPC:  699788811214

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