Silver Pistol
Type: Firearms
Found In:

Deadpool & Dante

Fantomex & Mr. Negative

Deadpool & Dante

SDCC Exclusive Box Set

Expendables Box Set - Specialty

Winter Coat Dale & Female Zombie

Morgan & Zombie Mike

Expendables Box Set 2 - TRU

Expendables Box Set 2 - Specialty

Iron Man Mark 42 & Mandarin

Maria Hill & Heavy SHIELD Agent

Iron Man Mark 42 & Mandarin

Deadpools Assemble! Box Set

Marvel Now! Thunderbolts Box Set

Age of Ultron Box Set

Marvel's Hawkeye & Black Widow

Fighting Chance Captain America & Marvel's Falcon

Fighting Chance Captain America & Robot Red Skull

Thief of Thieves Box Set

Constable Rick Grimes & Douglas Monroe

Carl Grimes & Burning Zombie

Masters of Death Box Set

Series 1 Box Set: That Yellow Bastard

Series 2 Box Set: The Hard Goodbye

Vincent and Mia's Night Out Box Set

Jules & Vincent Two Pack

X-Force Box Set

The Bonnie Situation Box Set

Diner Showdown Box Set

Bring Out The Gimp Box Set

Rosita & Father Gabriel

Hilltop Maggie & Forest Zombie

Gregory & Forest Zombie

Agent 13 & Mercenary

Agent Tony Chu & Agent John Colby

Agent Tony Chu & Agent John Colby

Armory Spider-Man & Marvel Now Deadpool

Savage Hulk & Transforming Hulkpool

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